My drawings and paintings are documentations from life experiences of traveling through out the world and in everyday life. My style converged from understanding the development of art since classical times. Where realism has become a personal choice for self expression. I believe realism does have infinite avenues to evoke feelings and thoughts giving way for the viewers freedom to connect from own memories and experiences in their lives. My own travels through life give way to finding beauty and harmony in relationships. Where relationships with figures, objects, landscape are developed with the use of atmosphere to form a harmonious connection. Because of my interest in relationships I enjoy doing still life, figurative and landscape. I look to incorporate objects as symbols for depth in exploring life as well as celebrate death to give meaning to each painting. I celebrate life through color that depicts light and form to build relationships and story. I find important in my figurative work is to explore ways to form a atmospheric relationship bridging the models own expression in development of the painting. My palette and technique are chosen from conceptualizing ideas in depicting the beauty in landscape, still life and figurative work. She seeks to find beauty in the way life relates and build harmony.


Carol Sunanday Artist  |  United States